April 05, 2009

about me and other stuff...

I'm Liz Gerson Glatzer.

Richard a and liz1  Having recently turned 60 (how long can one use the word recently, do you think?) I have the dubious distinction of being part of the first generation of Baby Boomers.

I went to Wikipedia, not exactly the arbiter of always accurate information (gotta love alliteration) to see, nonetheless, what the conventional wisdom might be about us. We were born in the 40's, came of age in the 60's. Spent the next 20 years either marrying and having children, building careers, or both. Now, reported Wikipedia "they are in a state of denial regarding their own aging and death and are leaving an undue economic burden on their children for their retirement and care."

Yup, all the above applies. I'm a Boomer.

And then I thought that the 30, 40 and 50 year olds that I know are also wrestling with the same issues us 60 somethings are...Dating, for some of us;  sustaining a terrific marriage, or grappling with marriage, for others of us;  the effects of gravity, for all of us.

Having said that, it seemed to me if we could share our thoughts we could chuckle our way into the next decade, or two, and beyond.

The comment link is to share your stories, which I really invite you to do.

Hope that you enjoy my streams of consciousness. 

So, let's begin.

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