September 01, 2009

You napped?!

"I'm going to lie down for a bit, need a nap." These lines, when uttered, are usually spoken only to a loved one, an animal, or to ones self. Clearly, NEVER uttered in company for  fear of being judged as a sloth, aged or both.

Unless, of course, the "I'm going to lie down" followed by some disclaimer having to do with wine, work or some such thing. Then, and only then, does it feel justified. Right?

But I am here to tell you that you now have a new line to add to the aforementioned, really pitiful and lame excuses for wanting to take a nap..You stand up, stretch and say,  "I am going to take a nap now so I can improve my long term memory." 

Your loved one hearing this knows that the odds of that happening are slim to none, the dog whimpers in his sleep (he's known this fact for years...why do you think he is so adept at sitting, begging, retrieving and rolling over.) You, hearing yourself announce this can rest assured that you are doing something really necessary for your health and well being.

I, naturally,  can't seem to fall asleep, in that I find myself wondering--what is the long term and short term memory distinctions.

If you learn something, at what point is it no longer a short term memory and goes to the place where your long term memories reside? And if a nap improves the ability to store and retain information, shouldn't one learn something new, close their eyes for a respectable time (15 minute power nap?) have this piece of info now solidified in the not to forget file? 

I will continue my researching of this, after I take a ....what was it I wanted to do?


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